June 19, 2015 - Around Town

The Village of Skaneateles is a beautifully petite “walking village” located directly on the north shore of pristine Skaneateles Lake, one of the purest and most beautiful lakes in the world. Skaneateles is a scenic village with quaint, tree-lined streets, 19th Century homes, interesting antique shops, boutiques, art galleries, and… Read More»

May 20, 2015 - Strawberry Sorbet

A glistening red Strawberry Sorbet is a perfect treat on a hot summer’s day, when local berries are the ripest. It has light and refreshing flavors paired with a consistency that reminds you that this effortless dessert is simply a frozen blend of strawberries and sugar. Wonderful all season long.

March 25, 2015 - Spring Cleaning

Mirbeau Inn & Spa (Skaneateles, NY) is helping guests spring clean their skin in April and May with a collection of treatments featuring Zents products and Spa Mirbeau’s signature aroma blend of SUN + PETAL + FRESH.