60 Hours To Calm: Making The Most Of Your Weekend Getaway

Friday afternoon has arrived and you have a weekend escape ahead of you. Best feeling ever, right? But underneath your adventurous excitement and daydreams of relaxation, a touch of worry may linger:

What if you don’t make the most out of your weekend trip?

Fortunately, with the right planning (and lack of planning) you can strike the perfect balance of activity and relaxation — leaving you rejuvenated for the week ahead. So, here we have come up with a guide on how to prepare for the next luxurious 60 hours ahead of you.


Make A Plan… But Keep It Loose

To keep yourself from wasting time on your weekend vacation, start by having a loose plan. Know the attractions you want to see and the restaurants you want to try, but avoid the urge to fill every second. By leaving room for spontaneity, you can let yourself take that last minute wine tour without feeling like you’re missing out on something else. But based on a recent survey, we know that 59% of people prefer a relaxing rather than an active vacation, so remember to schedule in down time as well. Your mental health will thank you!

Immerse Yourself In The Location

Wherever you travel, take the time to think like a local. Find the best local food, the cozy luxury accommodations, and the least-touristy hiking trails. Often, the best way to do this is to ask the locals you meet. They will show you their favorite spots and hidden secrets. By having this mentality, you can spend your weekend as more of a traveler than a tourist, creating a richer experience overall.

Focus On Experiencing More Than Capturing

Today’s travelers tend to get snap happy. Remember that you are taking a weekend trip to unplug and relax, so fight the urge to post every detail on social media. This is your time to unwind and escape your everyday life. Treat it that way. You will feel more relaxed as a result.

Whether you are setting off for a spa weekend or enjoying an active weekend full of hiking, treat every mini getaway as a vacation. Open yourself up to new experiences and stay present. The rejuvenation will follow.

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