5 Subtle Signs It’s Time To Plan A Vacation

You’re sitting at your desk at work daydreaming about the spa trip you have been planning in your mind. In the meantime, your work tasks are piling up, and you feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

It sounds like it’s time to plan a vacation.

All too often, Americans let their time off pile up in exchange for monotonous routine. Even if you think you thrive off of this lifestyle, there are likely subtle signals telling you that you aren’t. If you notice any of the following sign

  1. You are making silly mistakes at work.
    Forgetting to send emails, spilling coffee on your notebook, and making other small mistakes could be a sign that your mind is not focused. When your thoughts are elsewhere, it’s easy to make small errors. By taking a wellness vacation or spa trip, you can refocus your mind and feel energized by the moment in front of you.
  2. Small challenges overwhelm you.
    When problems that were once simple to tackle suddenly cause your blood pressure to sky rocket, you are certainly stressed out. Chronic overwhelm is often a sign that you need a break, so remedy this with some uninterrupted time away from work and other responsibilities.
  3. You’re having trouble sleeping.
    When was the last time you had a restful night’s sleep? When stress and worries keep you up at night, you can wake in the morning feeling completely drained. A long weekend trip could be just what you need to work out some tension and reset your sleep rhythms.
  4. Your body has little aches and pains.
    Stress that comes and goes from your mind often makes a home in your muscles. This leaves you with stiffness and pain that you just can’t shake. For many people, these aches and pains result from too much time sitting and a lack of self care. A massage can release these tensions before they become worse.
  5. Waking up feels like a chore.
    A fulfilling life is all about waking up excited for the day ahead. Especially if you once greeted the day enthusiastically, a lack of joy could be a sign that you need a break. Some type of vacation can shake up your routine and realign your priorities.

There is a reason why the U.S. spa industry reached $16.3 billion in revenue in 2015. Wellness destinations offer a temporary escape and a chance to feel rejuvenated. By scheduling a spa trip for yourself, you are reaffirming your commitment to your personal well being. As a busy person, you deserve some time away to be pampered. Once you take this time to reset your body’s rhythms and clear your head, you will feel completely renewed.

Plan some time to focus on your well-being with us at Mirbeau. You can book online to stay at our beautiful hotel and resort – and visit our spa, or call us anytime to discuss your stay and spa packages.

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