How Your Couple’s Getaway Can Actually Strengthen Your Relationship

When work and stress are building up, it is often hard to focus on your relationship. Often, other priorities get in the way of your partner, leaving the two of you disconnected. By getting away and spending time together without distractions, you and your love can remind each other of your special connection.

About four out of five domestic trips are taken for leisure purposes, so why not add a little romance? In fact, a study published by the U.S. Travel Association found that 83% of couples who travel together said that their relationship is still romantic. Not convinced? The following are just a few of the romantic boosts that you can expect during your couples trip.

  • Eliminates Material Distractions: When our relationships are slumping, we too often try to fill gaps with gifts like jewelry. But just because you and your partner have the objects to prove it does not actually mean that your relationship is strong. By taking a spa trip or other getaway, you can get to the heart of your relationship by simply being together.
  • Reignites The Spark: Remember those butterflies you felt when you first met your partner? While you may still be feeling them, it never hurts to support that feeling. By spending time together in a romantic setting, you and your love can fall in love with each other all over again. Sometimes a quiet couples getaway is all it takes.
  • Improves Communication: By taking the time to plan your couples trip together, and then chatting constantly throughout, you and your partner are boosting your communication skills. Be sure to express gratitude for your relationship and the life you have built together, but don’t shy away from the nitty-gritty. This is the perfect setting to calmly work through any issues that have built up. You may actually return home with a stronger bond.
  • Releases Tension: It is no question that built up stress effects your relationship. When you are at home, it is hard to listen to your partner when you are just thinking about work. By escaping on a couples trip and enjoying spa treatments together, you can release this tension and focus on what really matters.

By booking a quiet, relaxing getaway for you and your love, you are taking important initiative in your relationship. Even small details like getting a couples massage can help you appreciate the simple act of togetherness. This restorative experience will help you return a more cohesive pair than ever before.  And we – of course – would like to recommend you consider Mirbeau in Skaneateles, NY if you’re considering a romantic getaway and a stay in a luxury resort in upstate NY.

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