4 Reasons Having an Outdoor Wedding is Better than an Indoor One

Are you struggling with wedding planning and picking a venue? There are so many options out there, and it can be overwhelming. Have you thought about having an outdoor wedding? Here are some great reasons why outdoor weddings are much better than indoor weddings, and why you should have one.

Natural decor

When you get married outside, you can let nature be your decor instead of spending tons of money decorating a country club or reception hall. The trees, blue skies, flowers, bushes, and other landscape will beautifully complement your natural theme. Nature also makes a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos.

No time restrictions

When you have an outdoor wedding, your ceremony and reception will probably be at the same place. This gives you much more freedom to plan things when you want. You don’t have to rush from your church to the reception, trying to take pictures in between. Your guests can start snacking on appetizers right after you say “I do” while you’re still taking pictures with Grandma.

Outdoor dining

Eating outside while the sun is starting to set creates an incredibly romantic ambiance. Outdoor dining allows you and your guests to take in the beautiful scenery while you’re eating delicious food and creating amazing memories. Again, the photos ops will be much better in an outdoor dining experience.

You can pick the theme

Finally, you get to determine how casual or formal your wedding will be when it’s outside. Some indoor venues tend to lean one way or another in this respect. For example, it may be difficult to have a black tie wedding in a barn, and you might stand out a little if you have a casual wedding in a ballroom. Outside, none of that matters.

Roughly 44,230 weddings take place every weekend. Your wedding day will be incredibly special to you, so you want to make sure every detail is perfect. Having an outdoor wedding is one of those details that will make your wedding that much more amazing. Contact us today for more help with planning your outdoor wedding.

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