Tips For Planning An Unforgettable Holiday Party

The air is getting crisp and the cheer of the holidays is just ahead. You can imagine your loved ones gathered around delicious food and festive decor. Or rewarding your hard-working staff with a tremendous holiday party…  As you daydream about snow and twinkle lights, what better time to start planning your holiday party? By considering the perfect venue, food, and decor for your event, you can plan an unforgettable party for your cherished guests.

The Venue

Reminiscent of wedding planning and picking a wedding location, choosing a holiday party venue is all about the ambiance. Look for a place with warm, rustic charm with a touch of elegance. This combination embodies the spirit of the holiday season beautifully, offering your guests an inviting place to gather and celebrate. In addition to the ambiance, be sure to also consider:

  • Number of guests
  • Catering services offered
  • Surrounding area
  • Availability of accommodations

Also be sure to book ahead of time to secure your ideal venue.


The Food

The most delicious part of your party planning, choosing the right food is key to setting the seasonal mood. Consider what local food options are available and what type of catering you are interested in. A signature cocktail and other seasonal drinks will also set the mood, so speak with the venue about beverage and bar options.

The Decor

By choosing a beautiful venue, you are letting the location do much of the decorating for you. This way, even if it is too cold for outdoor dining, you can still look out at a dreamy snowy landscape. In addition to the scenery, be sure to keep your decor elegance and tasteful. It is easy to get tacky with holiday decorations, so opt for simple. Natural elements, warm lit candles, and touches of silver and gold are sure to set the mood. The venue may also offer their own holiday decorations, so be sure to ask about those options.

By starting your party planning ahead of time, you can work through every detail of the party without stress. Selecting the perfect venue for the party can also take the stress out of your planning, making the event feel more like a weekend getaway than a hosting obligation.


Mirbeau can provide the perfect atmosphere and food to ensure your guests have a wonderful time. Whether it’s a party for friends and family or a company holiday party, our staff will help you plan everything to ensure a great time. Contact Mirbeau today to book your fall or winter event.  You can get started with our simple, online events form.

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