Why Get A Couples Massage? The Relationship Boost You Didn’t Know You Needed

Relaxing, connecting, revitalizing — A Spa weekend is a great way to bond with your love. There is a reason that 42% of travelers feel more romantic on vacation. By hitting pause and breaking away from the hustle and bustle of life, you and your partner are making a commitment to refresh yourselves and your relationship. So, in this case, you may be looking for spa treatments to enjoy together. Couples massages are designed to bring pairs together. This is what you should know.


What Exactly Is A Couples Massage?

This type of massage differs from an individual session, but it is also more than just lying on tables next to each other. When you book a session with your partner, you will go into a private room and enjoy a massage from two different massage therapists. These treatments are created with romance in mind, with the lighting, music, and scents all evoking luxurious connection.

What Are The Benefits Of A Couples Massage?

  • Boosts Comfort: When was the last time you felt truly relaxed with your partner? By booking a massage together, you can let tension melt away as you spend time together. This can serve as a reminder to switch off distractions more often.
  • Encourages Mutual Healing: Knowing that your partner is sharing in your wellness experience is truly a lovely feeling. You care about each other, so it pays to see each other getting pampered.
  • Opens Communication: While you will surely get this benefit out of your spa weekend in general, unplugging and relaxing with your partner will clear the mind. With this open head space, you can have the conversations you’ve been wanting to have.
  • Increases Intimacy: Massage therapy uses touch to sooth the nerves, reminding you and your partner how powerful touch can be. A massage can remind you how even a simple hug or hand holding can create intimacy in your relationship.


By taking the time to relax at a spa, you and your partner are giving your relationship the care it deserves. Just remember to take your calm minds and revitalized bodies back home with you, doing what you can to retain that healthy feeling. Your personal and romantic well-being will reap the benefits.

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