Planning A Winter Honeymoon? Reasons To Embrace The Cold

Did your white wedding quite literally involve snow? Winter weddings are dreamy affairs. Seasonal bouquets, cozy cocktails, and warm colors may have made your special day as magical as you imagined. And now it’s time to continue this romantic time with your honeymoon. While the traditional couples getaway involves sprawling beaches and cabanas, there are plenty of reasons to trade sand for snow. The following are just some of the perks of planning a cozy honeymoon up North.

  • Cozy getaways are romantic. Snuggling by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, watching the snow fall — there is nothing more romantic than a Winter vacation with your love. A honeymoon during this time of the year gives you a true excuse to turn off all distractions and simply spend time together.
  • You can embrace this season’s beauty. During the wedding planning process and your actual wedding, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the rush of things and forget to appreciate this time of year. While surrounded by snowy landscape and tucked away in cozy accommodations, you can really enjoy Winter’s tranquility.
  • Winter is the perfect time for a spa trip. During these chilly months, your body and mind need extra attention. A spa honeymoon is a romantic way to unwind and pamper yourself with your partner. After your spa treatments, you can bond by getting cozy inside or wandering around the surrounding town.
  • Holiday decor makes the trip that much better. If you choose to plan your honeymoon during the holidays, you combine the warmth of this time of year with the sweetness of your wedding. This can also make the holidays even more special for you and your partner. Those romantic holidays will feel even more special.
  • You can prioritize relaxation. During the Summer, it can feel tempting to feel every moment of a vacation with activities. But the Winter allows you to make your couples trip much more quiet. It’s warm inside. Let yourself rest and connect.

A romantic couples getaway during the Winter could be exactly what you and your love need. An international study found that 59% of travelers prefer a relaxing vacation to an active one. So, instead of heading South to a tropical beach, enjoy a snowy paradise instead. The romantic coziness is certainly worth it.

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