5 Details To Consider When Planning An Outdoor Wedding

Planning a summer wedding? Choosing an outdoor wedding venue is the best way to have the whimsical wedding you have always dreamed of. If you and your love are choosing to have your special day amongst nature, these are specific features that you will need to carefully plan. About 44,230 weddings take place every week, but by making every detail reflective of you and your partner, you can make yours like no other.

  1. A Unique Venue: Outdoor weddings are all about location, so consider what unique wedding venue will work for you. Consider visiting several options before you make a decision, taking a tour of the property and envisioning yourselves there. Also consider whether you want to have your ceremony and reception at the same place.
  2. Dreamy Lighting: Parties that carry on after dark will need extra lighting, so consider how you can add a little brightness. String lights and lanterns are sweet details that offer a cozy glow. The venue may also provide lighting as well, so be sure to ask.
  3. A Rain Plan: Staying prepared for a summer shower could be as simple as renting a tent. You could also choose a venue that also has an indoor area or book a separate indoor venue as well. While a little bit of rain can be fun, it is important to have a plan in place in the event of more severe weather.
  4. Warm Weather Refreshments: Choosing seasonal, local food and drink for your wedding will add to the authenticity of an outdoor event. Consider this when hiring a caterer and selecting your beverages. Remember that your guest will likely be warm, so select refreshing drinks to cool them off
  5. Durable Decorations: With summer weather often being unpredictable, make sure that your decorations can hold up to wind. Make sure that your table centerpieces are heavy enough to stay in place and not disrupt outdoor dining. Be sure that any string lights or banners are secured tightly.

By putting joy and attention into every detail of your wedding, you will provide the best possible day for you and your guests. Outdoor weddings are some of the most lovely occasions, letting you enjoy this moment surrounded by nature. Remember to slow down and have fun with the process, creating memories along the way.